Heading to the Island

With no memories of my birthplace of Scotland, this trip to the Scottish Highlands felt like a kind of homecoming or search for a sense of place. My father had memories of a trip to the Isle of Lewis as a child, where his grandmother had grown up. He often told a wonderful story about the surprise he felt in discovering a very different way of life on the island.

This is the view from the back of the Lewis ferry heading away from Ullapool.

Oil painting on box canvas

50cm x 40cm

Loch Ewe

Lock Ewe is a place of special significance for my father-in-law who spent time here as a sailor in the Navy during WWII. He took part in the long and treacherous convoy trips that were made to take supplies to the Soviet Union. These trips started out from an assembly point at Aultbea.

Large oil painting on box canvas

61cm x 45cm

Isle of Lewis

Looking out across the peat landscape of the Isle of Lewis. This island has a unique geography and fascinating history. The scenery in this part of Scotland along with the Highlands reminded us of the landscapes in the far South of N.Z. So this felt very much like home.

Oil painting on box canvas

50cm x 40cm